Who We Are!

WhichMan, INC.

About Our Company

WhichMan has delivered Agile development and Data Analysis services to the information technology industry in Washington DC area since 2004. We provide excellent custom software development services with a constant emphasis on process improvement and transparency.

We lead the field of Agile development using test-driven development (TDD) and other lean techniques to create reliable code.

Our Skills

Developing skills - 96%
Agile - 93%
Product Experience Optimization - 90%
Mobile | Web | Cloud - 99%

Get the WhichMan edge

What gives us the edge is our high level of technical expertise—it really is exceptional—and our full range of services for your custom software development project.

Our experienced team will take care of your programming support requirements, and our Agile training program will introduce your development team to first-rate Agile techniques. Additionally, a senior Agile developer will provide face-to-face coaching, reinforcing lessons learned and best practices, and assisting with helpful tools.

Does your team need help on a semi-complete project?

For teams already implementing Agile, we can help you too! Our team of leading programmers will join your team as an added boost to get things done, or to provide additional expertise to your software development project.

Let’s build something great