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    Product features Rate Quote Search Order Closing Protection letter Product description The provision of title insurance for leasehold policies; Summarize owner’s title insurance; Tax history reports; judgment and lien

  • Percent Calculator


    Product features Calculate a variety of real-world percentages Finds missing value when any two are entered Includes discounts, margins, tips, and more Product description Calculate Percents & Percentages Percent

  • Cooking Conversions


    Product features Volume, Temperature, and Ingredient conversion calculators Comprehensive cooking conversion charts Streamlined, drop-down menus Product description Over 300 cooking conversions including 70 volume conversions found in the kitchen

  • Mortgage Calculator


    Product features Basic Mortgage Calculator Advanced Mortgage Calculator (including additional payment options) Yearly (and monthly) Amortization Table Payments distribution chart Product description A Basic and an Advanced mortgage calculator

  • Car Lease Calculator


    Product features Calculate a car lease quickly and accurately Enter variables for a detailed lease breakdown Compare your loan at different interest rates and terms Product description Shopping for

  • BMR Calculator


    Product features Calculates your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) Shows how many calories you burn based on activity level Determines how many calories to consume

  • MediCalc (Medical Calculator)


    Product features A-a O2 Gradient ABC Score (Assessment of Blood Consumption) for Massive Transfusion ABCD2 Score for TIA Absolute Neutrophil Count (ANC) Absolute Reticulocyte Count (Reticulocyte Index) Acetaminophen Overdose